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EU Organic


EU Organic

Gluten Free Gluten free
Vegan Vegan

Current initiatives & achievements include

  • Sustainable Farming
  • Carbon Footprint Management
  • Conservation Projects
Sustainable Farming
Renewable Energy
Solar Energy Production

In 2008, it was one of the leading Sicilian wineries to set up solar panels.  1,500 panels cover 45,000 square feet and covers 15% of the winery's energy demands. Capitalizing on Sicily's abundant sunny weather, these solar panels generate clean electricity, with zero carobon emissions and zero use of fossil fuels. 

Carbon Footprint Management
Carbon Footprint Management
Recyled Materials

100% of waste material and cardboard material is recycled.  Weight of glass bottles reduced by 25%, which in turn reduces the CO2 emissions caused by glass production, and all packaging made from recylcled paper.    There is reduced chemical treatments on the grapevines.

Conservation Projects
Conservation Projects
Water Preservation

Water saving technology and micro-irigation is utilized for water conservation.

The winery runs fund raising programs to preserve the Greco-Roman archeological sites in the area.  This attracts tourism and helps the growth of the local economy.