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Producer description

The perfect Mediterranean climate and terroir of Sicily are ideally suited for winemaking. Of course, the best winemaking requires more than natural gifts. Founded by Cantine Settesoli in 1999, Mandrarossa boasts a premium range of estate-bottled wines showcasing southwest Sicily's highest quality expressions.

About Mandrarossa

The origin

Boasting a premium range of estate-bottled wines, Mandrarossa is located in the historic town of Menfi, in southwest Sicily.  Mandrarossa is a clear and genuine expression of Sicily’s wine growing heritage. Its vineyards lie in a unique and pristine land particularly well suited to viticulture. Each wine comes from the selection of the ideal terroir for each varietal. 

Mandrarossa Vineyard

The making of these wines began by mapping every parcel of vineyard for aspect, gradient and altitude so that the ideal terroirs for each varietal could be selected for planting. Thus, from the outset, every chosen parcel could be traced and monitored, from harvest to bottling. The wines resulting from these rigorous efforts were proudly introduced under the Mandrarossa name.

The character of Mandrarossa brand is innovative and modern.
Mandrarossa Vineyard About the Winery

Based in Sicily

The intense Sicilian sun, offset by cooling sea breezes, allows for reliable and extended ripening of the grapes. Mandrarossa wines are hand-picked and every harvested parcel is crushed and fermented separately to retain the grapes characteristics. Wines from individual parcels are carefully blended for nuanced complexity, yielding delicate scents and harmonious, fresh flavors.