Petalo Moscato Spumante "Il Vino dell'Amore"

Petalo Moscato Spumante "Il Vino dell'Amore"

  • Veneto, 
  • italy

Petalo Moscato Spumante "Il Vino dell'Amore," which translates to "the wine of love," adds an irresistibly romantic sparkle to any occasion. Produced by the Bottega family, this delicately sweet, sparkling wine is crafted from Moscato grapes grown in northeast Italy's Colli Euganei region, nestled between the two fabled cities of Verona and Venice. Wild roses, like the one depicted on this bottle, grow among the Moscato vines and impart a pretty floral aroma to the grapes.


Grapes are sourced from the hills of Veneto, characterized by a mild climate and alluvial clay soils that originated from Alpine and pre-Alpine glaciers that melted. A high concentration of gravel and pebbles results in light, well-draining soils ideal for viticulture.

Winemaking & Aging

Very ripe grapes are hand-harvested and softly pressed. The juice then undergoes cold maceration for 48 hours to extract aromatics. The Italian Charmat method is used, with fermentation in stainless steel tanks and a short secondary fermentation in sealed tanks for 30 days. The wine is then promptly bottled and released.

Tasting Notes

Bright, light gold-yellow. Flowery, fruity, and fine. Aromatic sweetness with fine fruit flavors, candied apple, and sweet peach notes.

grape varieties

100% Moscato


750ml, 1.5L

technical details
  • ABV: 7%
  • TA: 5-6 g/l
  • RS: 90-95 g/l
  • Closure: Cork
  • Vegan

Sandro Bottega

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Petalo Moscato Spumante "Il Vino dell'Amore" Petalo Moscato Spumante "Il Vino dell'Amore"

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