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Bottega wines offer a selection of super-premium sparkling wines inspired by Venice, Italy’s most romantic city. From the gorgeous bottles to the impeccably made liquid inside, these wines will elevate any occasion.

This artisanal wine range is crafted by the Bottega family, who have tended grapevines in the Treviso countryside of Veneto since 1635. Current proprietor Sandro Bottega proudly carries on that long legacy today. With help from his siblings Stefano and Barbara, Sandro started running the family business in 1983, at the age of 19. His youthful passion and enthusiasm marked a new era for Bottega SpA. Sandro has overseen the exportation of Bottega wine abroad, the winery’s move into its renovated, 19th-century farmhouse, and the all-important implementation of organic farming and sustainability practices, which will safeguard the vineyards and winery for the next generation.

Sandro also helped design the iconic, metallic Bottega bottle that instantly identifies the Bottega Liquid Metals collection. First produced in 2004, the collection’s flagship wine, Bottega Gold Prosecco DOC, is the original golden-bottle sparkling wine — it’s also the #1 selling sparkling wine among all Proseccos, Champagnes, Cavas, etc. within the Duty Free channel.*

Between the show-stopping packaging and the superior quality of the wines, the Bottega Liquid Metals collection is perfect for upscale events at fine dining restaurants, clubs, lounges, casinos, hotels, and bars, as well as celebratory occasions at home. These are truly special, meticulously handcrafted wines that define the sparkling Italian way of life.

*2022 IWSR

Bottega Wines Highlights

Bottega wines are crafted by the Bottega family, whose viticultural history in the Veneto region dates to 1635.

The family’s vineyards are farmed organically, and the winery runs on renewable energy and has a recycling program on site.

Bottega Gold Prosecco DOC is the original golden bottle sparkling wine and the #1 selling sparkling wine within the Duty Free channel.*

With metallic-coated bottles and superior quality, the Bottega Liquid Metals collection will elevate any occasion — at upscale venues or at home.

*2022 IWSR

Bottega Wines

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Bottega Wines

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG

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Made in the Heart of Veneto

Bottega wines are crafted at the family’s winery near Venice in northeast Italy’s Veneto region, known as the birthplace of Prosecco. The facility is situated in a 19th-century farmhouse, which the family painstakingly restructured to preserve the original architectural characteristics, surrounded by 30 hectares / 75 acres of vineyards. Along with premium wines, the Bottega family have also successfully ventured into several other traditional Venetian industries, including grappa, liqueurs, glassware, wine accessories, mineral water, olive oil, and organic foods.

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Hand-Tended Vineyards in Veneto & Beyond

Most of the grapes for Bottega wines come from Veneto, with a smaller portion originating in the neighboring Friuli and Lombardy regions. In this area of Italy, the mild Mediterranean climate provides regular rainfall, key to balancing acidity and sugar in the grapes, and a long growing season, which allows grapes to ripen steadily and develop concentrated flavors. Cool mountain breezes flow down along gently rolling hillsides, helping to keep vines healthy and yielding fresh aromatics in their fruit.

Bottega’s white Prosecco DOC wines are crafted from the glera grape variety, while the other sparkling white wines are made from moscato and the rosé wines are made from pinot noir or a combination of glera and pinot noir. Everything in the vineyard is done by hand — from working the soil to pruning to harvesting — to ensure the best care for the vines and their fruit.

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Sustainably Conscious from Vine to Bottle

The vineyards around the Bottega winery in Bibano, in addition to those in Follina and Vittorio Veneto, correspond to 14.5 hectares / 35.8 acres and are cultivated according to the criteria of organic farming. The use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, and derivatives are prohibited. Therefore, Bottega utilizes only organic fertilizers and the technique of green manure to improve soil fertility.

Likewise, the winery itself has sustainability at its core. It was specifically designed to conserve energy and uses renewable sources, such as biomass-generated thermal energy, to generate all its own power. The building also has geothermal air conditioning and other facilities that significantly reduce CO2 emissions, along with water purification and reuse systems. Packaging is sustainable in several aspects — Bottega uses recycled glass, FSC certified paper, and corks certified from Sardinia Vegan certified products — and there is a recycling program on the premises.

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Meticulously Crafted & Beautifully Bottled

As is customary for Prosecco DOC wines and other sparkling wines made in the Veneto region, Bottega wines are made via the tank method of production. The process begins with a soft pressing of the grapes, followed by a first fermentation in stainless-steel tanks. After yeast and sugar are added to the base wine, it undergoes a second fermentation in sealed tanks at a cool temperature to preserve the primary fruit flavors. Once finished, the wines are promptly bottled and released.

Wines in the Bottega Liquid Metals collection are packaged in special bottles, designed by Sandro Bottega and designer Monica Lisetto, Bottega SpA’s image manager. These bottles are coated with a thick, metallic paint to protect the precious liquid inside from light, which preserves the wines’ characteristics, in addition to adding unique elegance.

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The Bottega Family Legacy

As far back as 1635, the Bottega family’s ancestors cultivated vines as tenant farmers. After years working as a successful wine broker, Domenico Bottega changed the course of the family’s history in 1920, when he planted his own vines. His son, Aldo, shared his passion for wine and spirits and became the director of a renowned local distillery from the early 1950s. In 1977, Aldo founded the Bottega family’s winery and distillery.

Today, Bottega SpA is run by the third generation, Aldo’s children, Sandro, Stefano, and Barbara Bottega. Fast-forward four centuries, Bottega wines, grappas, and liqueurs have won multiple gold and silver awards, and can be found in over 150 countries, as well as in high-end hotels and restaurants, duty-free shops, and airlines.

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