15 Year Old Single Barrel American Whiskey Barrel #23

15 Year Old Single Barrel American Whiskey Barrel #23

  • Kentucky, 
  • united states

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  • 93 points Whisky Advocate , December 2020

Brothers. Bootleggers. Legends. Nearly a century ago, Jacob and Abner Taub crafted and bootlegged their own whiskey during Prohibition to support their family. Then one fateful winter night in 1929, their world came crashing down during a sting that would land the brothers behind bars.Six long years later, Franklin D. Roosevelt pardoned the Taub brothers. They were able to reignite their family business with their brother Martin and help launch Baltimore Club Whiskey. This would set into motion a family tradition that would span generations. The brothers served their time, and now, you can spend time enjoying Jacobs Pardon, a fine American whiskey that pays homage to their rebellious roots. Its complex, smooth, timeless, and frankly, a little liberating.It would be a crime not to enjoy it.

Tasting Notes

Marigold/Saffron with immaculate clarity. Early traces of butterscotch give way to deeper, more complex layers of ripe orchard fruits, unbuttered sweet corn, and black peppercorn. Delectably creamy, with layers of ripe orchard fruits, campfire embers, unbuttered sweet corn and black peppercorn.


Remarkably easy drinking considering its hyper-charged proof, with an equally pronounced profile of balanced sweetness. The nose exudes caramel sauce, blackberry compote, cherry, maple syrup, semi-sweet chocolate, and vanillin, with earthy notes of warehouse floor and barrel char. The palate offers chocolate mousse, rice pudding, and cooked figs, leading to a long finish of cooked plums, dark berry tart, and chocolate-covered marshmallows. Rich, viscous, and loaded with balanced sweet flavors.

Whisky Advocate - December 2020





technical details
  • ABV: 70.9%
  • Closure: Cork
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15 Year Old Single Barrel American Whiskey Barrel #23 15 Year Old Single Barrel American Whiskey Barrel #23

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