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Developed and introduced in 1987 under the creative direction of dynamic entrepreneur Sandro Bottega, the Alexander Grappa range are produced by Bottega SpA, located in the heart of northern Italy’s scenic Veneto region, birthplace of grappa. Double-distilled in copper steam alembic stills, Alexander Grappas are highly refined, aromatic, smooth and naturally moderate in alcohol. Whatever the scientific facts may be, grappa – a clear spirit distilled from grape pomace – is unquestionably a cherished Italian institution that has been enjoyed with gusto for centuries, more often simply for pleasure than any other reason. Whether served as a touch to enhance espresso, added to a favorite recipe, mixed in a cocktail or, perhaps most commonly, shared neat as a digestif in good company over great conversation, this eau-de-vie embodies Italian tradition and camaraderie.


The ultimate in grappa. Made from 100% Prosecco grapes, Alexander Grappolo has an intense, persistent bouquet of pear, apple, grapes and banana with a well-balanced, soft, palate.

Tasting Notes

Clear color. A beautiful nose offering scents of pear, apple and banana The palate is complex and refreshing, with all of the elements coming together harmoniously.


750ml, 200ml

technical details
  • ABV: 40%
  • Closure: Cork
  • Vegan
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