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Bottega Spirits, produced by Bottega SpA, represents a range of artisanal spirits, liqueurs, cordials, and ready-to-drink cocktails that reflect the unique style of their Italian origin. They are crafted with artistry, ingenuity, modern techniques, and environmental consciousness at the Bottega family's distillery in the heart of the Veneto.

The Bottega family's history in the Italian drinks industry dates back four centuries — but their modern era really began in 1977 when patriarch Aldo Bottega founded Distilleria Bottega. Since 1983, his children, Sandro, Stefano, and Barbara, have led the business, which now produces and distributes premium Italian spirits to a global market.

With the introduction of Bottega Spirits in 2017, the family's award-winning portfolio today includes handcrafted gin, a range of fine grappa, a growing collection of premixed RTDs, and a lineup of fine flavored liqueurs.

However you serve or enjoy Bottega Spirits, they bring authentic Italian flavor and soul to any occasion.

Bottega Spirits Highlights

The Bottega family craft Bottega Spirits at their sustainably run distillery in Veneto, Italy.

The distillery is actively aiming to achieve carbon neutrality and runs on renewable energy among other eco-friendly initiatives.

The Bottega family’s spirits have won multiple gold and silver awards, and can be found in over 150 countries, as well as in high-end hotels, restaurants, duty-free shops, and airlines.

Bottega Negroni premix is a ready-to-drink cocktail that blends Bottega Bacûr Gin, Bottega Vermouth Rosso, and the Bottega Bitter Aperitivo.

The family's Alexander Grappa was among the first grappa brands to produce a mono-varietal grappa — they now offers a range of grappas from over 20 different grapes.

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Italian Liqueurs, Spirits, & Cordials in the Heart of Veneto

Bottega Spirits are crafted at the Bottega family’s distillery near Venice in northeast Italy’s Veneto region. The facility is housed in a 19th-century farmhouse, which the family painstakingly restructured to preserve the original architectural characteristics, surrounded by 30 hectares / 75 acres of vineyards. Along with premium spirits, the Bottega family have also successfully ventured into several other traditional Venetian industries, including winemaking, wine accessories, glassmaking, mineral water, olive oil, and organic foods.

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Artisanal Craftsmanship

The Bottega family source the best quality Italian ingredients for their spirits, liqueurs, and cordials.

The double-distilled Bottega Bacûr Gin is made to a recipe including juniper berries from Tuscany, sage leaves from Veneto, and lemon zest from Femminello Siracusano (Sicilian lemons). These botanicals first macerate in a solution of pure Italian Alps water and alcohol, then are double distilled, which creates an elegant distillate with a fine, clean bouquet.

The Bottega Negroni was born from a mixture of three handcrafted Bottega products: Bottega Bacûr Distilled Dry Gin, Bottega Vermouth Rosso, and the Bottega Bitter Aperitivo. These high-quality ingredients give life to a Negroni characterized by a perfect balance between the dryness of the gin, the sweetness of vermouth, and the well-known embittering of the bitter. It’s a strong cocktail, able to satisfy the most demanding and refined palates.

The cordials range is crafted through traditional methods using only the highest quality combination of neutral and grappa distilled bases along with the highest quality Alpine dairy products.

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Sustainable by Nature

The Bottega family distilleria was specifically designed to conserve energy and use renewable sources to generate its own energy. The vineyards around the company in Bibano, in addition to those in Follina and Vittorio Veneto, correspond to 14.5 hectares/35.8 acres and are cultivated according to the criteria of organic farming. The use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, and derivatives are prohibited. Therefore, Bottega uses only organic fertilizers and the technique of green manure to improve soil fertility.

Interestingly, their grappa production process entails zero waste, as it uses the pits and skins of grapes (marc) already used to make wines. During distillation, CO2 emission is reduced substantially. Packaging is sustainable in several aspects (glass bottles, paper, cork) and there is a recycling program on the premises.

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The Bottega Family Legacy

As far back as 1635, the Bottega family’s ancestors cultivated vines as tenant farmers. After years working as a successful wine broker, Domenico Bottega changed the course of the family’s history in 1920, when he planted his own vines. His son, Aldo, shared his passion for wine and spirits and became the director of a renowned local distillery from the early 1950s. In 1977, Aldo founded the Bottega family’s distillery and winery.

Today, Bottega SpA is run by the third generation, Aldo’s children, Sandro, Stefano, and Barbara Bottega. Fast-forward four centuries, Bottega spirits and wines have won multiple gold and silver awards, and can be found in over 150 countries, as well as in high-end hotels, restaurants, duty-free shops, and airlines.

In addition to his craftsmanship in the distillery, Sandro is also an artist and responsible for the design of the glass vessels that hold all Bottega Spirits. Each statement-making bottle is designed specifically for the spirit it holds and always creates an eye-catching display. (Interestingly, the family's Alexander Grappa holds the unique distinction of being the first distilled spirit to be put into a standard Champagne bottle.)

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