Tommyrotter Distillery

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Tommyrotter Distillery opened its doors in July 2015. Founded by Bobby Finan and Sean Insalaco, the distillery resides in a 116-year-old factory in Buffalo, NY’s historic Hydraulic manufacturing district.

About Tommyrotter

A distinct truth lies within each of us. Pursuing that truth is the sign of a Tommyrotter—one who breaks rank to chase what drives them. At Tommyrotter Distillery, our creative process is inspired by the Tommyrotters’ Club, a society of rebellious, late 19th century artisans who sought their own path. Honoring their industrious spirit of back, hand and heart, Tommyrotter Distillery crafts award-winning spirits using small batch production techniques. Give it a try – the truth is inside.

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Tommyrotter distills, produces, bottles, labels and packages all of their products on their 2,700-square foot production floor. With the help of a small crew of rotating distillery workers, their humbly sized team manufactures the entire annual output right in downtown Buffalo.

Award winning spirits.

Co-owners Robert Finan and Sean Insalaco have harnessed their passion to create a portfolio of innovative products to keep the independent spirits category alive and fresh.

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Based in Buffalo, New York

Tommyrotter Distillery opened to the public July of 2015 and now produces an innovative range of products. The distiller relies on handcrafted processes every step of the way, from crushing juniper berries for gin, to hand-bottling every finished batch. Tommyrotter Distillery takes refuge inside the old F.N. Burt Box Company factory, located in Buffalo’s NY’s Hydraulic District, the city’s first manufacturing district.