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Boissiere (BWA-see-air) Vermouth's rich history and unique recipe make it a timeless classic.

About Boissiere Vermouth


Originally produced in the Chambrey Region of France in 1857, positioned along Mont Blanc, the proprietary blend of wine based distillate infused with select herbs and florals such as chamomile, elderflower, and coriander has been a closely guarded secret. In 1971, in need of a new home for production, Boissiere Vermouth moved to the southern side of Mont Blanc, to the Italian town of Turin, adding a wonderful twist to the traditional history of vermouth.

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While the Boissiere recipes remain unchanged in both the Extra Dry and Sweet Vermouths; this nearly 150 year old recipe produces vermouth that is a wonderful complement to classic and contemporary cocktails. It is sophisticated and complex enough to be enjoyed as an apertif, neat, or on the rocks.

“A great Martini Vermouth that’s also very complex on the rocks.” – Wine Enthusiast