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Producer description

Råvo (pronounced RAH-voh) is a new "Premium Value" Vodka from Sweden. The name is derived from the Swedish words for "raw" and "vodka."

About Ravo

100% natural vodka

Råvo Vodka is produced in Lidköping, Sweden, by Reppe Bränneri, who are the distillers as well as proud member of Lantmannen, the Swedish Farmers Association. While Reppe is the second largest distillery in Sweden, the vodka is still made from all natural ingredients and is of the highest quality. The Reppe distillery is located in the country of Vastergötland, a bucolic area of rural Sweden set on the edge of one of the cleanest water sources in the country. Used to blend Råvo, this water is sourced from a local spring close to the distillery and then treated via reverse osmosis. Like most water sources in Sweden, this liquid is very high quality with what can be described as a fresh and soft character. 


Vastergötland is famous for its endless fields of winter wheat, the raw material found in Råvo. From this wheat, the resulting vodka is continuously distilled five times through stainless steel column towers lined with ceramic filters. 


Råvo is a super premium vodka without the super premium price.