Vigna La Rosa Barolo DOCG

Vigna La Rosa Barolo DOCG

  • Barolo DOCG, 
  • Piedmont, 
  • italy

Since 1858, the Fontanafredda Estate & Winery has been instrumental to the growth and international awareness of Barolo, while championing sustainability and community engagement in the Langhe region of Piedmont. Under the lead of visionary entrepreneur, Oscar Farinetti, Fontanafredda has built a portfolio of wines that express the depth and diversity of the Langhe, produced from grapes that are farmed from organic and sustainably managed vineyards. Since the 2018 harvest, Fontanafredda is the largest certified organic winery in Piedmont.


Vigna La Rosa, icon of the estate, comes from a single vineyard within the Fontanafredda property. Its nearly 5ha receives south and south-west exposure and it is planted entirely with Nebbiolo, at a vineyard altitude of 250-310m asl. Vines are guyot trained with plant density of 4,000-5,000 plants/ha. The soil is rich in calcareous marl and clay, as well as quartz sand, allowing for good drainage. These condition imparts a floral characteristic, fine, graceful tannins and high acidity. The single-vineyard Barolos are produced from the most painstaking selections carried out in vineyards which tradition has preserved over time as emblems of exemplary quality. “La Rosa” represents an interpretation of Barolo of particular relevance, even though it is the soil and the sun (the microclimate) which guides man in his technical decisions, and not vice versa. “La Rosa” expresses the qualities of the Barolos grown in Serralunga d’Alba at their best, with a marked concession to grace and softness in its flavor and bouquet.

Winemaking & Aging

Following hand harvest in mid-October, grapes are de-stemmed and crushed. La Rosa ages for 12 months in Allier barriques and a further 12–18 months (depending on the vintages) in middle-size casks of 20 – 30 Hl, made of Allier wood. The aging in medium and small casks allows the wine to achieve a more fine tannic structure without over-extracting woody notes. The wine shows a great balance between the primary fruit aromas and the oak. If needed, a successive clarification of the juice allows the reduction of any minor impurities in order to obtain a final, clear wine. The wine is bottled and lays in the cellar for an additional year before release.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, clear-cut overtones of withered roses, violets, tobacco, underbrush, spices, and a slight touch of vanilla. Dense, closely-woven tannins start out smooth, almost velvety, and then explode in the palate with fruit.


Barolo DOCG

grape varieties

100% Nebbiolo



technical details
  • ABV: 14.5%
  • Closure: Cork
  • Vegan

Giorgio Lavagna Technical Director


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Vigna La Rosa Barolo DOCG Vigna La Rosa Barolo DOCG

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