One Spirit, Two Cultures

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Are two really better than one? When it comes to aged dark rum, we sure think so.

Dos Maderas rum starts its journey in Guyana and Barbados where pure sugar cane is grown, carefully distilled into rum, then aged in oak barrels amid the humid, tropical heat. But that’s just the beginning of the story. Next the rum travels to Spain’s Jerez de la Frontera in the heart of Sherry country where it rests once again — this time, in a traditional solera system typically used for Sherries. It’s a time-consuming, dual-aging process that yields rums of uncompromising quality.

This transatlantic union of vibrant spirits cultures was devised by Bodegas Williams & Humbert. Founded in 1877 by brothers-in-law Sir Andrew Williams and Arthur Humbert, the bodega has been considered one of the world's most prestigious wine and spirits producers for nearly 150 years.​

Owned and operated by the renowned Medina family since 1979, today this historic name straddles two very different worlds: one that is imbued with steadfast Spanish traditions and one that embraces invention and new ideas. Somewhere between these two worlds is where Dos Maderas emerged.

With the aim of creating an exceptional spirit that was also different from their traditional wines, Sherries, and brandies, the Medinas’ eyes wandered westward to the spiritual home of the world’s finest rum.

"Dos Maderas is a consequence of our innovative spirit,” says second-generation Paola Medina. “Given our 145-plus years of experience in Sherry production, we wanted to add this ‘know-how’ to a new, fine spirit.” The Medina family’s passion for Jerez and their team’s impressive technical skill have not only earned Williams & Humbert cascades of critical acclaim but has yielded a truly unique rum that’s become one of the fastest-growing names in the category.

Dos Maderas Rum Highlights

Dos Maderas rums are born and aged in Guyana and Barbados before traveling to prestigious Sherry bodega Williams & Humbert in Jerez, Spain for further aging in solera and final blending.

Dos Maderas means "Two Woods" in Spanish — a nod to the innovative multi-cask aging process that's key to its distinctively smooth flavor profile.

The Dos Maderas portfolio includes rums of several different age classifications, ranging from the classic double-aged "5+3" to ultra-luxurious Luxus, their pinnacle expression — each are known for their smooth secondary/tertiary flavors and long, incredibly complex finishes.

Dos Maderas Rum

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Dos Maderas Rum

5+5 PX Triple Aged Rum

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A Unique Spanish Rum Born in the Tropics

At its core, Dos Maderas dark rum blends the vibrant cultures of Guyana and Barbados (rum’s spiritual home) with the heat and passion of Spain’s storied Sherry country. Also in Dos Maderas’ DNA is a playful and transportive nod to the new wave of tiki cocktail culture, where fine rum mingles with other tropical ingredients — in fun glassware, of course.

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Bringing Dos Maderas Aged Dark Rum to Life

Sugar cane thrives in the tropical climes of Barbados and Guyana. Plants are harvested between February and June; the sugar is refined and transformed into molasses, which is then fermented by yeasts, chosen specifically to optimize the characteristics of the sugar cane. Distillation commences in a combination of pot and column stills, including old Coffey alambiques and discontinuous wooden stills.

The rum spends five years in 220-liter ex-bourbon American oak casks. The tropical heat and humidity intensify the spirit’s interaction with the wood, translating to deep aromas and flavors of toasted oak and vanilla pod. While the 5-year-old Barbados rum emerges from barrel light and elegant, those from Guyana tend to be fuller bodied.​ This variance in style means the next stage — selection and blending — is crucial. ​

The blend travels to Jerez, the heart of Spain’s Sherry country, where it is added to the Medinas’ solera system for another round of aging, depending on which Dos Maderas rum they’re destined for. The hot, Mediterranean climate of Jerez and the Sherry barrel influence yield the trademark, complex flavor of the final product.

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