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Calvados X.O. Auguste

  • Calvados, 
  • Normandy, 
  • france

Boulard Calvados is the first name in super-premium Calvados, the celebrated apple-based spirit unique to the Normandy region of France. Boulard was found in the late 1820's by Pierre-August Boulard Boulard's time-honored reputation begins in the firm's 150 acres of orchards and 35,000 apple trees in the Pays d'Auge district, the officially designated source of the finest apples in Normandy. Over 120 varieties of apple, from 800 varieties grown in Boulard's orchards, are selected for production of Boulard Calvados (over twice the number of varieties stipulated by the governing body regulating Calvados production).


The Cuvée Auguste is a tribute to our famous ancestor and founder of the maison, Pierre-Auguste Boulard, and a celebration of the period and the people who make it what it is. The Cellar Master resorts to the fullness of his art to blend the countless aromas in his oak barrels to compose this award winning calvados.

Tasting Notes

The unmistakable essence of Calvados is beautifully captured in this spirit. Deep Amber color. First nose of prominent, ripe apple aromas. Gradually emerging notes of vanilla, stewed apples, grilled almonds, hints of honey. Rich, elegant and sweet preserved fruits, dried fruits, almonds, cinnamon. Well-balanced from start to finish. Best enjoyed neat.





technical details
  • ABV: 40%
  • Closure: Cork
  • Vegan
Calvados Boulard

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Boulard Calvados Calvados Auguste XO Image Hero Boulard Calvados Calvados Auguste XO Image Hero

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