Cocktail Recipes
Golden Reviver
Chase Vodka

Golden Reviver

Main Ingredient




Suggested Wine or Spirit

Chase Orange Marmalade Vodka


  • 1.7oz Chase Marmalade Vodka
  • Rinse of Absinthe
  • .4oz Honey, Chili and Chocolate syrup (see below)
  • .4oz Cinzano Extra Dry Vermouth
  • .7oz Egg White
  • Mozart Chocolate Bitters


For the Honey, Chili, and Chocolate Syrup:

  • Honey boiling water in a 10-1 ratio
  • Mozart chocolate bitters roughly 4-5 dash for every 3.4oz
  • Tabasco sauce 2 dash for every 3.4oz (can be substituted for fresh chilli if preferred, simply chop and add to mixture)
  • Stir all ingredients and leave to cool, for store in a bottle for later.

For the Cocktail:

  • Add a dash of absinthe to a coupette glass with crushed ice and a splash of water (around .7oz of water) swill ice round glass and leave to sit.
  • Add all other ingredients to a shaker without ice and dry shake until aerated.
  • Add ice and shake again.
  • Dump ice and absinthe out of glass (leave an absinthe fil in the glass), double strain mixture into coupette and garnish with a flamed star anise.