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Innovation, vision, and passion — these fundamentals are at the core of Jean-Claude Mas wines. Since taking over his family’s gorgeous property in 2000, Jean-Claude has prioritized growing and sourcing the highest-quality grapes to craft beautifully refined wines that are unique, authentic expressions of the Languedoc’s rugged terroir. From his Côté Mas Crémants to his Sud de France range (bottled in 1L), every wine is delicious and accessible — the embodiment of rural, everyday luxury. A concept Jean-Claude champions proudly.

“‘Le Luxe Rural’ sums up our culture and philosophy. With the greatest respect for our rural roots, we aim for perfection. Our wines are the result of our mission to inspire real emotions.” – Jean-Claude Mas

The Mas family expertise in grape cultivation has been passed down from father to son since 1892, the year Jean-Claude’s grandfather Auguste Mas bought his first vineyards just north of Pézenas. Yet, despite being the first in his family to actually make wine, Jean-Claude’s early career years were focused on advertising, economics, and car racing — international endeavors which took him all over the world.

He never lost his passion for wine, however, and eventually he returned to his native France where he gained valuable experience in Bordeaux, working under the tutelage of renowned Italian winemaker, Giorgio Grai. It was Grai who taught him the art of blending and making wines with a distinct style, a skill that Jean-Claude made his own and mastered — it remains a cornerstone of the Côté Mas portfolio.

Under Jean-Claude, Domaines Paul Mas (where the Côté Mas wines are made) has grown to encompass 850 hectares / 2,100 acres that cover 21 appellations, 15 châteaux, and 45 grape varieties. This incredible legacy — along with the family devotion to the wines of the Languedoc and his legendary winemaking techniques — will one day be passed on to the next generation, Jean-Claude’s four daughters, who are eager to carry the torch into future eras.

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Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the rugged Cévennes mountain range, Domaines Paul Mas, which produces Côté Mas wines, extends over many types of soils: gravelly clay, limestone, chalk, and soils rich in fossils. Côté Mas also draws on the various microclimates of the Languedoc, critical to the blending process of the wines. The coastal zones in the south of the region benefit from plentiful sunshine and produce beautifully ripened grapes. In the north, the more continental climate of the higher vineyards results in wines with a mouth-watering freshness.

Côté Mas sparkling wines are crafted in the unique region of Limoux (home to the world’s first sparkling wines) with its famous clay-limestone soils. Here it is cooler and wetter, and with vineyards at 100-400 meters / 328-1,1312 feet in altitude, the conditions produce lively and elegant wines.

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Two decades of discovery and innovation in the Languedoc have given Jean-Claude and his team unrivaled expertise in matching grape varieties with soil types, with the aim of showcasing the essence of all the region’s varied terroirs. Grapes for Côté Mas wines come mainly from contracted vineyards farmed by long-term partners, who are as committed to sustainable viticulture as Jean-Claude. To ensure quality, these vineyards are overseen and managed by Domaines Paul Mas’ vignerons and winemakers.

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The Method Behind Mas Wines

Côté Mas wines are a celebration of the simple pleasures of life, artfully rendered by nature.

These fresh, gastronomic wines were first introduced in the estate’s farm-to-table restaurant and became so popular that they are now produced for global consumption. (The playful picnic scene featured on the labels are copies of the same paintings that still hang on the restaurant walls.)

Stainless steel and cement are the preferred aging vessels for the Côté Mas 1L blends and Crémant de Limoux sparkling wines, in order to preserve the freshness and aromatics. The Crémant wines are made in the traditional method, whereby the second fermentation takes place in the bottle. They are produced at the Château de Martinolles estate in Limoux, where close by in the Saint Hilaire Abbey, the first sparkling wines of France were produced in 1531!

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Sustainable, Always

Domaines Paul Mas is underpinned by a keen focus on the natural environment. All vineyards are certified HVE (‘Haute Valeur Environnementale’), demonstrating their commitment to sustainability including strict management of fertilizers and water. Eighty percent of the vineyards are also certified through Terra Vitis, an even more demanding accreditation, and 30% are certified organic.

Jean-Claude Mas lives with his family in the middle of one of his vineyards, so it is clear why he is committed to improving the environment for future generations. He has even introduced beehives to support a community of bees who naturally pollinate the vines and increase biodiversity.

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