Live Fabulous With One Sip of CONFETTI!

Family lineup - Confetti

CONFETTI! offers a bit of fun and a whole lot of fabulous in every glass! Crafted from hand-picked grapes grown in the most charming vineyards throughout Northern Italy, CONFETTI! wines are so down to become your new BFF.

CONFETTI! is ready for any occasion, with still options as well as indulge-worthy semi-sparkling and sweet wines. From brunch with your besties to a casual movie night on the couch, make every hour a happy hour with a glass of CONFETTI!

Confetti Highlights

CONFETTI! Pinot Grigio, Rosé, and Red Blend are from Northern Italy.

The CONFETTI! SWEET semi-sparkling line-up includes Pink Rosé, Red, Summer Peach, and Pink Grapefruit.

CONFETTI! SWEET wine was the official sweet wine sponsor of San Francisco Pride in 2023, which saw over 2.6+ million people in attendance and was broadcast globally!


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Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio

  • Trentino
  • Italy
  • 2022

Iconic Northern Italy Sets the Scene

CONFETTI!’s party starts in Northern Italy, the OG wine region with a reputation for producing outstanding quality wines. Vineyards are set against an astonishing backdrop that includes lush forests, winding rivers, and the Dolomite Mountains. Not a bad view, if you ask us!

The Making of CONFETTI! Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, and Rosé

Northern Italy can produce a wide range of wine styles, including red, white, dessert, and sparkling. In Trentino, where most of the grapes for CONFETTI! wines hail from, vineyards enjoy the warming effects of the Ora del Garda — a breeze that comes off Lake Garda and protects fruit from moisture and disease. Contrastingly cool evenings help to promote the grapes’ intense aromas and flavors.

The CONFETTI! winery utilizes incredible high-tech platforms to determine where to grow different grape varieties, how much water the vines may need, and best practices to manage the vines efficiently. The result: irresistible wines exploding with flavor.

Celebrating Earth Day Every Day at CONFETTI!

CONFETTI! cares about the environment. The team uses 80% recycled glass, 99% recycled cardboard, and as much solar-powered production as they can. Here’s a sip to saving the planet!