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Prosecco, the classic sparkling wine from northern Italy, has become the top-selling bubbly in the United States. In this crowded category, Accademia Prosecco stands out for its authenticity, quality, and modern vibrancy, displayed for all to see in its dazzling, colorful bottles.

Sandro Bottega, whose family has farmed vines in the Treviso province since 1653, and his team proudly represent their northern Italian culture in Accademia Prosecco. The wine takes its name from the Accademia degli Acquavitai (Academy of Spirit Distillers), a prestigious Venetian trade school that operated from 1618 to 1806. Likewise, the wine’s vibrant blown glass bottles — available in every color of the rainbow — pay tribute to world-famous Venetian glass, which has become synonymous with Italian innovation and craftsmanship.

Naturally, Sandro and the Accademia team value innovation and craftsmanship in the production of their fine Prosecco. Their glera grapes grow in prime-sited Treviso vineyards, which the team farms organically, using natural pollinators and fertilizers to protect the environment and yield the best quality fruit. Their northern Italy winery is housed in an 18th-century farmhouse, which Sandro has fully renovated with state-of-the-art equipment and sustainability-focused features, such as solar panels, geothermal air conditioning, and water recycling and purification systems. To craft the wine, the team employs the traditional Martinotti or Charmat method, key to Prosecco’s distinctive liveliness, elegance, and versatility.

As the finishing touch, every colorful bottle proudly bears the name Accademia on a label made from 100% recycled plastic retrieved from the oceans. A striking symbol of how Accademia Prosecco marries its rich Italian history with its innovative, eco-friendly practices. This mindful fusion of quality and sustainability will ensure that Accademia Prosecco continues to elevate everyday moments and enliven special occasions for generations to come.

Accademia Highlights

The Bottega family has farmed vineyards in northeastern Italy’s Treviso province since 1635.

Organic farming practices, an eco-friendly winery, and recycled packaging means Accademia Prosecco is sustainably crafted from vine to bottle.

Made via the traditional Martinotti (aka Charmat) method, Accademia Prosecco is lively and balanced, with fresh green apple, peach, and citrus flavors.

The colorful glass bottles pay homage to traditional Venetian glass.

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Prosecco Rainbow

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Treviso's Beauty, History, and Premium Prosecco

Tucked away in the scenic countryside, the province of Treviso lies in northeastern Italy’s Veneto region, about 40 kilometers / 25 miles north of Venice. It’s a land of rolling hillsides, winding streams, and sweeping vineyards, interspersed with quaint farmhouses, Venetian-style villas, and ancient castles. With a rich winemaking tradition dating back centuries, Treviso has distinguished itself as the home of many top-quality Proseccos — including Accademia, of course. The Accademia winery is housed in an 18th-century farmhouse, which the Bottega family has modernized with state-of-the-art equipment. It’s a perfect representation of how Accademia marries authentic Italian culture with inspired innovation.

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Born Between the Mountains and Sea

With the Prealps of Belluno to the north and the Adriatic Sea to the south, the Treviso province offers an ideal location for growing glera grapes (the signature white grape variety of the Prosecco DOC). Cool mountain breezes flow down along Treviso’s gently rolling hillsides, helping to keep vines healthy and their fruit fresh. The mild Mediterranean climate provides gentle rainfall, key to balancing acidity and sugar in the grapes, and a long growing season, which allows grapes to ripen steadily and develop concentrated flavors. At the root of it all, alluvial soils rich in clay and minerals nourish the vines and yield grapes with greater complexity. All these factors combine to yield beautifully fresh, ripe, and distinctive glera grapes — the first step in crafting Accademia’s elegant Prosecco.

Meticulously Crafted Using the Martinotti Method

The Bottega family and the Accademia winery team know that brilliant Prosecco begins in the vineyard. They carefully tend the glera grapes, harvesting around mid-September when the fruit reaches optimum ripeness. In the winery, the team de-stems and gently presses the grapes. This keeps the stems and skins out of the juice, as their presence could make the wine taste bitter. Then, the first fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks.

To give the wine its joyful bubbles, the team follows the Martinotti or Charmat method. They add yeast and sugar to the base wine, then it undergoes a second fermentation in a pressurized tank at the cool temperature of 15°C / 59°F to preserve the primary aromas of fresh floral notes, green apple, peach, and citrus fruits. Finally, the wine is cold stabilized, filtered, and bottled in the colorful blown glass bottles that set Accademia Prosecco apart from its peers.

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Four Centuries of Bottega Family Expertise

The Bottega family has tended grapevines in the Treviso countryside since 1635. Current proprietor Sandro Bottega proudly carries on that long legacy today. With help from his siblings Steffano and Barbara, Sandro started running the family business in 1983, at the age of 19. His youthful passion and enthusiasm marked a new era for the Accademia winery. Under his leadership, the family began exporting their wines abroad, as well as bottling them in their now-iconic blown glass bottles. Sandro also oversaw the winery’s move into its renovated, 18th-century farmhouse and the all-important implementation of organic farming and sustainability practices, which will safeguard the vineyards and winery for the next generation.

Protecting the Planet

The Accademia winery has committed to sustainability at every step of the winemaking process. The team uses organic farming practices — including natural fertilizers and absolutely no pesticides — in their 14.5 hectares / 35 acres of vineyards. They’ve also introduced 300,000 bees into their vineyards to act as natural pollinators and promote biodiversity.

At the winery, solar panels generate most of the electricity, with the remainder purchased from 100% renewable energy sources. Geothermal air conditioning cools the building and reduces carbon emissions. Water recirculation saves an estimated five million liters of water from going to waste each year, while the purification of the winery’s limited wastewater protects the land from harmful chemicals. The wine bottles consist of 50% recycled glass, and the labels are made from 100% recycled plastic retrieved from the oceans. Altogether, these efforts make Accademia sparkling wine truly sustainable from vine to bottle.