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Producer description

Champagne Vollereaux is called upon to celebrate and add sparkle, becoming a synonym for joy, happiness and cheerfulness. With its casual-chic style, Champagne Vollereaux creates the occasion and elevates any moment.

About Champagne Vollereaux

Champagne Vollereaux was established in Moussy and Pierry in 1805 by Paul Emile Vollereaux. For six generations, the family’s attention to detail has been reflected in each bottle, leaving a finished product that delivers a fresh, light, elegant and fruity profile. What was once enjoyed by a small group of friends and family is now available worldwide.


In the beginning, Vollereaux focused on growing and selling grapes to negociants in the Champagne region. This tradition continued until 1923 when Paul Emile’s grandson Paul Jules began producing high-quality Champagne after returning from World War I.


The Vollereaux family vinifies and sells its Champagnes in Pierry, a Premier-Cru classified village. The 40 hectares of estate vineyards ensures a constant and steady supply of estate-grown grapes that are harvested by hand. After pressing and blending, the wine is aged twice the time required by appellation rules.

With its casual-chic style, Champagne Vollereaux creates the occasion and elevates any moment.

Throughout the years, the matriarchs of Champagne Vollereaux have had a significant impact on the winery’s history and reputation. Hélène, who took care of the winery during World War I, declared Vollereaux an independent winery after discovering the House had been scammed by brokers. Then during World War II, Marguerite took charge as the men of the house joined the front line. She oversaw all winery production and operations for five years contributing immeasurably to Vollereaux’ sterling reputation._

Vollereaux Family About the Winery


Today the winery is owned & operated by brother-sister team Franck and Hélène Vollereaux; Franck is the winemaker and director while Hélène handles the domestic business and winery hospitality. Together, they carry the spirit of continuously strengthening and improving on the success achieved by their forebears.

Contrastingly cool evenings promote rich, intense aromas and flavors in the grapes. Winemaking is overseen by Anselmo Martini, a 20+ year industry veteran and one of northern Italy's top enologists.