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Vanderpump Sangria
Red Sangria
Vanderpump Red Sangria
Grape VarietiesMataro, Zinfandel, Merlot
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BackgroundVanderpump Sangria is rich, flavorful and made from grapes with 100% natural fruit juice. These wines are inspired by the recipes the Vanderpump Family enjoyed while living in Europe, complemented by the wines found at their home in California.
VinificationFruit is harvested at optimum ripeness to ensure fullness of flavor. Classic Carbonic Maceration technique yields rich fruit tones. This wine is blended with natural fruit to add layers of complexity, purity and exotic balance.
ColorMedium ruby color.
NosePronounced citrus, blood orange and grapefruit aromas.
PalateLayers of blood orange, raspberry and blackberry to round out the palate with a smooth texture and refreshing aftertaste
AnalysisAlcohol: 12.5 %pH: 3.4RS: 65 g/LTA: 8.5
Serving SuggestionsServe over ice with fresh berries.