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Producer description

Many decades in the hospitality industry worldwide have cultivated the Vanderpump family’s love for outstanding wine. This wine conveys the sophisticated and elegant lifestyle synonymous with the Vanderpump name.

About Vanderpump California


Lisa and family are delighted to introduce Vanderpump Wines from California, a special selection of Sonoma Coast Estate Chardonnay and Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon. In collaboration with renowned Winemaker Tom Hinde, these wines continue a tradition of excellence in Sonoma, and combine the Vanderpump family’s love of the traditional Old World style with the incredible bounty that California has to offer.

Vanderpump Wines

The Vanderpump family has deep roots in California: it is where their businesses thrive, where they have raised their family, and where they focus their philanthropic efforts. The Vanderpump family is excited to introduce these two elegant and delicious wines.

The Vanderpump name is synonymous with a sophisticated and elegant lifestyle.