Cask Strength Bourbon Barrel Gin

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Tommyrotter Distillery
Cask Strength Bourbon Barrel Gin
Dark brown - pleasant notes of holiday spices, rounded out by oak notes.
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BackgroundTommyrotters golden child affectionately referred to as Gin with a Bourbon Identity Crisis.
VinificationThe American Gin is aged for 9-12 months in brand new, charred American White Oak barrels. No chill filter so that the proteins and esters that pack this gin with flavor remain intact. A truly unique spirit, there is nothing else on the market like it. Released just four times a year.
ColorDark brown
NoseA pleasant bouquet of holiday spices and uplifting notes of bubblegum.
PalateBold in spices such as ginger, clove, nutmeg, rounded out by oak notes.
AnalysisAlcohol: 61.0 %
FinishSmooth finish
Serving SuggestionsPerfect for gin cocktails. Versatile enough for Whisky cocktails such as the Boulevardier. Also a nice choice for dark rum cocktails like the Dark and Stormy.