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Santa Rita
120 Rosé
RegionCentral Valley
Grape Varieties85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah
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DescriptionSanta Rita's internationally popular, best-selling 120 Series of varietal wines recalls the heroes of a pivotal event in Chile's successful 19th century struggle to overthrow Spanish rule: in the early 1800's, Doña Paula Jaraquemada, then-proprietor of the Santa Rita manor house and estate near Santiago, famously gave refuge to 120 Chilean patriots in the cellars of her property. When a brigade of Spanish soldiers arrived at the expansive one-story ranch house in search of the rebels, the feisty matriarch stated she would rather see the Spanish burn the property to the ground with her inside then let them step foot into her family home. Thus, it was that band of 120 men who lived on to fight another day, and the dwelling, now site of Santa Rita's highly acclaimed Doña Paula Restaurant, occupies a unique place in Chilean national history.
VinificationTwo rosé production methods for an elegant wine: 70% of must is from grapes picked in March when grapes are very fresh & have plenty of natural acidity. This portion is blended with must bled off from grapes picked later for greater complexity.
ColorLight violet-red
NoseDominated by aromas of cherries, raspberries, and black currants
PalateMedium-bodied with refreshing acidity
AnalysisAlcohol: 13.5 %pH: 3.16RS: 2.84TA: 5.86
Bottle size
750 ml
Serving SuggestionsA good option as an aperitif or with light dishes, salads and mild cheeses. Ideal with desserts with cream such as fruit tarts, strudel or pie.