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Producer description

Born in the Abruzzo, Nevio represents the ancient winemaking traditions of a region where vines date back to the Roman Empire.

About Nevio


Nestled between the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Apennines Mountains to the west, the areas of Vasto and Crecchio offer the perfect climate for highlighting all the exceptional characteristics of the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grape.


As one of Italy’s premier sources of well-made, affordable wines, the Abruzzo region is on a winning streak.

Nevio is produced in limited quantities and only the best fruit is selected and vinified following traditional techniques.
Temp Winemaking

Second to none

Despite their seemingly isolated location, Abruzzo winemakers are second to none when it comes to producing deftly crafted wines that are the definition of quality on a significant scale.

In the making of Nevio, only the best fruit in small lots is selected and vinified following traditional techniques sometimes overlooked by modern technology. Nevio undergoes a long maceration on the skins to extract all the richness of the Montepulciano grape. The resulting wine is intense and deep in color.