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Producer description

High Heaven Vintners is inspired by the natural backdrop that surrounds their vines in Eastern Washington’s Columbia Valley, capturing the state’s spirit of creativity, quality and provenance. With more than a century of winemaking and farming experience, High Heaven Vintners believes in a vineyard first philosophy that prioritizes the work in the vineyards to make amazing wine. The grapes in our wines are 100% estate grown from family owned vineyards.

About High Heaven Vintners

High Heaven Vintners is based in the Columbia Valley, the largest AVA in Washington State. Vineyards are located in the "Rain Shadow" formed by the Cascade Mountains, a unique cloud and rain barrier protecting the vines from harsh elements. This creates a warm, sunny and dry climate - considered the high desert - that is ideal for grape growing.

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High Heaven Vintners grapes come from farms five award-winning vineyards owned by the Zirkle family, one of the largest suppliers of apples in the US and the force behind Ranier Fruit Company. Their vineyards include Beverly, Soaring Eagle, Zillah Ranch, Four Feathers, and McNary.

High Heaven Vintners follows a vineyard first philosophy: after first understanding how to grow amazing grapes, we set out to make the best wine.

State-of-the-art equipment allows winemakers to use the right tools and consistently improve vintage on vintage. Steps are taken in the vineyard to ensure the newest technologies are implemented to farm the vines as efficiently as possible.

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Based in Columbia Valley, Washington

High Heavens Vintners is owned by the Zirkle Fruit Company, who have been farming apples, pears, cherries and wine grapes the Yakima Valley since the 1880s. The Zirkle Fruit Label was founded in 1948 with hand grown and packed fruits, and today is the largest supplier of organic apples in the US. High Heaven Vintners Years later the same work ethic and philosophies remain under the fifth generation and president, Mark Zirkle. The Zirkles believe the best way to strengthen our community is by producing excellence.