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Gracias a Dios
Tobalá Cultivado
The Tobalá Cultivado is the result of an eight-year sustainability project. In 2012, the Gracias a Dios team planted wild agave Tobalá seeds in their greenhouse, then transferred them to the fields. Now in 2020, those special Tobalá plants have been
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BackgroundGracias a Dios translates to Thank God, a phrase that owners, Pablo Lopez, Enrique Jimenez, Xaime Niembro, and Oscar Hernandez heard throughout their childhood. A deep commitment to family values and Mexican culture underlines their approach to producing handmade, ultra-premium quality mezcal and agave gin. Gracias a Dios values its people and the environment, employing eco-friendly practices that include water conservation, solar energy, and recyclable materials and proudly offering local employees fair wages.
NoseDelightful smoky notes lead into an herbal character that consists of freshly cut grass and wheat grass, followed by jasmine, lime and grapefruit peel.
PalateAn abundance of smoky notes are accompanied by light spiciness and dark chocolate, which are complimented by cooked agave, agave honey, green bell pepper and roasted poblano chiles.
AnalysisAlcohol: 45.0 %
FinishA long finish, which evolves into smoke, spice and roasted pineapple.
Serving SuggestionsEnjoy neat.