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Sweet Pink Rosé
Semi-sparkling aromatized wine-product cocktail presenting an attractive shiny pale pink colour, intense fruity notes, and a pleasantly sweet, lively, aromatic palate of ripe fruit.
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BackgroundThe resounding success of Sweet and Flavored wines over the past few years inspired us to launch CONFETTI! Sweet. Produced in Italy, CONFETTI! Sweet comes in four delicious flavors - Sweet Pink Rosé, Sweet Red, Sweet Summer Peach, and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. Jump on the Flavor Train and let the good times fly with CONFETTI! Sweet.
ColorDelicate, shiny coral pink.
NoseEvident scents of muscat accompanied by hints of raspberry, wild strawberry, and white peach fruit.
PalateLively on the palate with a captivatingly creamy foam and pleasant, well-balanced sweetness with hints of citrus.
AnalysisAlcohol: 5.0 %