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Producer description

Founded in 1910 in the little town of Aldeno (today population 3,000), south west of the city of Trento, Cantina Aldeno is made today by 660 associated winegrowers.

About Cantina Aldeno


Aldeno Vineyard

Total vineyards accounts for 840 acres in the villages around Aldeno and they are spread from the Adige River Valley (500 ft a.s.l.) to the higher hills (up to 2600 ft.a.s.l.)

Cantina Aldeno’s mission is to preserve the territory and leave it to the future generations in better and better conditions.
Aldeno GrapesPhilosophy

Biovegan Certification

Following this philosophy the choice of going BIO with its cultivation has been a natural evolution for the winery: Cantina Aldeno has been the first cooperative winery in Trentino to obtain the BIO certification at 360° in 2010 and the first in Italy to obtain the Biovegan* certification in 2013. Biovegan certification means no animal products were used in the production of this wine

Today the BIO certified vineyards represent around 15% of the total cultivated acres.