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Fruit-Friendly, Youthful & Dynamic

Founded in 2002, Bodegas Callia burst onto the Argentinian wine scene with an ambitious goal — to craft the best wines in San Juan. After only two short decades, the estate has established itself as a key producer in the region, making high-quality, yet delightfully approachable, wines. Located in the Tulum Valley in San Juan’s Caucete district, the Callia winery cultivates 283 hectares / 700 acres of vineyards. Though the region has an arid, desert climate, it’s surprisingly fertile. In fact, Bodegas Callia takes its name from a legendary young woman, who moved to San Juan and described it as a desert paradise endowed with abundant fruits. The hot temperatures and dry conditions yield intensely flavorful, concentrated grapes that the team vinifies with minimal intervention, resulting in Callia wines’ signature fruit-friendly, youthful, and dynamic style.

Fully Committed to Sustainability

Along with crafting top-notch wines, the Bodegas Callia team remains committed to protecting the land from which they are born. When building the winery, the team plotted around the native vegetation and used the most advanced anti-seismic techniques to avoid disrupting the landscape wherever possible. Today, they’re converting the vineyards to organic agriculture and have implemented several sustainability-focused practices to help safeguard their beautiful desert valley for future generations. Sustainability, from the vineyards to the bottled wine, is at the heart of everything Bodegas Callia does. Since 2013, the estate has participated in the Self-Assessment Argentine Sustainability Protocol for Wineries. It received certification in 2017 and was recertified in 2020.

Quality, Handcrafted Wines

At Bodegas Callia, head winemaker Gustavo Daroni and his team strive to craft high-quality Argentinian wines that exude a fruit-friendly, youthful, and dynamic charm. After careful hand harvesting by the vineyard team, the grapes are rushed to the winery. They are immediately crushed and destemmed to preserve freshness and each variety’s natural fruit character. The estate’s Pinot Grigio, Torrontés, and red blend do not undergo oak aging, letting their primary fruit flavors shine. The Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon are 30% oak aged for three months in 50% French and 50% American oak barrels, which imparts subtle secondary flavors and softens the wines. All Callia wines are vegan-friendly and have an uplifting vibrancy that encourages wine lovers to savor the simple pleasures in life.

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