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Producer description

Tequila Bribón is the proud result of a two year mission to produce a high-quality tequila that could be embraced by everyone from newbies to aficionados. Created by Palm Bay International in partnership with Casa Don Roberto.

About Bribón


Tequila Bribón uses only fully matured 7-10 year old agaves harvested by hand. Once harvested they are taken to the distillery where they are cooked for 18 hours at 100°C to convert the starches to sugars. The cooked agaves are shredded and the juice (miel) is fermented in tanks at a consistent 32°C utilizing a proprietary strain of yeast developed by Don Roberto. After fermentation, product is double distilled utilizing a process that combines pot-still distillate with column distillation.


The end result is a tequila that that is complex and sophisticated while being extremely approachable and easy to drink. It also makes a great margarita.


The Legend


In Mexico, many speak of the “Bribón.” The “Bribón” was a wildly charismatic and courageous man about town. He traveled across Mexico living life to the fullest and lifting the spirits of every man and woman who was fortunate to share some time and tequila with him.


Today, Tequila Bribón pays homage to the spirit of the Bribón. A person who sets his or her own rules; someone who never accepts negativity, and always embraces life.




This 100% blue agave tequila captures this same essence. You cannot drink Bribón tequila without being drawn to its very nature.