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Producer description

Angry Bunch represents a family of Zinfandels produced from superior AVAs and vineyard sites in northern California.


About Angry Bunch


The name "Angry Bunch" refers to the powerful, boldly flavored style produced from the area's burly old-vine Zinfandel. In fact, the Code of the Angry Bunch, below, ensures that only fully ripe and ready grapes bursting with flavor become part of any Angry Bunch Zin.

The Code of the Angy Bunch

"I, Zinfandel Grape, do hereby pledge to uphold the code of the Angry Bunch. I promise to be in tip top shape, before they crush me and take all my juice. I will always strive to give off a color so dark and brooding, some would call it violent violet. I solemnly swear that I will not tap dance on your taste buds, but will make a mosh pit out of them. I shall look down upon weaker and thin-skinned grapes, that can't hang with us in our vineyards, and laugh at weaker wines with higher prices. Above all, I promise to be angry, so that you, the wine drinker, can be happy. If I fail to uphold any of the aforementioned promises, my membership to the Angry Bunch will forever be revoked."

Enjoy the fruit of their labor!

The Angry Bunch