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Producer description

Masion Ackerman has pioneered the production of high quality, “méthode traditionnelle” sparkling wines in the Loire since 1811 and remains a benchmark of quality, producing wines of exceptional elegance and remarkable value.

About Ackerman

Loire Valley

Ackerman was established in the small town of Saumur in the heart of France’s Loire Valley by Jean-Baptiste Ackerman. Today the house is made up of a group of local growers, united together within Loire Valley co-operative wineries.

Alta Luna Vineyard
A commitment to quality sparkling wine since 1811.

Sparkling Beauties

The grapes for the Crémants are carefully selected and hand-harvested and then aged to perfection within a network of chalk caves found high on the banks of the Loire River. Ackerman today has a fully-fledged sustainable development approach based on maintaining the right balance between the social, economic and environmental aspects of wine production. This means respecting terroirs, holding onto their personal values and pursuing a viable economic approach.