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About Accademia


In homage to the Accademia degli Acquavitai (Academy of Spirit Distillers) a prestigious Venetian trade school that existed from 1618 to 1806. Renown for teaching the art and craft of winemaking and distillation, and boasting a unique collection of fine quality wines and spirits from all over Italy. To celebrate this iconic institution and thus reviving a four century long tradition, Bottega S p A is proud to name this quality line of spirits and sparkling wines ACCADEMIA. Accademia aims to embody with absolute authenticity the captivating fragrances and flavors of nature in the craft of fusing liquid and air, thus creating the finest expressions of Italian sparkling wines.


Venetian glass has been produced for over 1,500 years. Today Venice is known for its art glass, but it has a long history of innovations in glassmaking in addition to its artistic fame as Europe's first major glassmaking center. During the 15th century, Venetian glassmakers created ‘ cristallo ’ an almost transparent glass and considered the finest in the world. Accademia bottles are inspired by these colorful art expressions which have become synonymous with Italian innovation and craftsmanship.

A cocktail for every color.
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Bottled Elegance

Prosecco is the #1 sparkling wine segment in volume sales in the United States. ACCADEMIA aims to premiumize the Prosecco category.