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Based in the Awatere Valley – the southernmost, coolest and driest of Marlborough's growing regions – Yealands is one of only a handful of wineries around the world to be certified as carbon neutral and the first-ever to be certified from inception.

About Yealands


The estate was founded on 08-08-08 by dynamic environmental entrepreneur and iconic figure Peter Yealands. Combining the very latest cutting-edge green technology and highly innovative thinking, the Yealands name quickly became synonymous with a passion for crafting ultra-premium wines in the most environmentally-friendly manner.

Babydoll Sheep

Comprising 133 vineyards blocks on 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres), Yealands’ sustainable Seaview vineyard is largest single vineyard and most coastal in New Zealand.

Think Boldly, Tread Lightly and Never Say it Can’t Be Done
Yealands Vineyard About the Winery

Based in Marlborough

It is designed with biological diversity in mind. Alongside the vineyards, 25 wetlands and more than 200,000 types of native shrubs and flaxes are planted. Miniature Babydoll sheep are used to mow the grass and fertilize the vines, and small Kunekune pigs and chickens act as highly efficient natural pest controllers. The Yealands winery represents New Zealand’s largest solar power installation - 297 panels generating up to 133,000kWh per annum. Classical music, powered by solar panels, is played to the vines during daylight hours and lighting attracts bugs away from the vines at night. All Yealands Estate vineyards are fully Sustainable Winegrowers NZ accredited, guaranteeing best practices in areas such as water usage, energy consumption, waste management and biodiversity.

Peter’s motto of “Think Boldly, Tread Lightly and Never Say it Can’t Be Done” guides his dedication to the land. His holistic approach to ever-evolving sustainable vine growing practices has not only garnered global acclaim for beautifully crafted wines, but also admiration for his visionary tenacity. In 2014, Yealands was selected as the 2014 “Green Company of the Year” by The Drinks Business.