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Producer description

For more than 165 years, this landmark wine from the southwestern coast of Portugal has been enjoyed by discerning wine drinkers and Periquita continues to be an international ambassador for fine Portuguese wines.

About Periquita


Created by José Maria da Fonseca in 1850, Periquita is made from the Castelão (KAY-stay-lao) grape, an indigenous variety that thrives in southern Portugal and has become nearly synonymous with the highly regarded wines of this historic producer.

Periquita Vineyard

The Villa Nogueira de Azetão (ah-say-tao) estate, is home of Periquita. It lies just a short distance from Lisbon, across the Tagus River on the Setúbal peninsula. Here, vineyards enjoy the benefits of a sun-drenched maritime climate and a varied soil composition that incorporates elements of sand, clay and lime.

Established in 1850, this landmark wine was the very first bottled wine established in Portgual.
Periquita Casks About the Winery

Based in Cova da Periquita Estate

The property remains in the hands of its founder's descendants, Antonio Franco, the 8th generation at the helm of this venerable estate. Tremendous investment in the winery and property speak to their commitment to continuing a long-standing tradition of quality and integrity.