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Producer description

Mezcal Los Amantes is an artisanal spirit, hand crafted using traditional methods that have been practiced for generations. Mezcal, one of the oldest spirits produced in Mexico, is protected by a Denomination of Origin similar to that of Tequila, Champagne and Cognac.

About Los Amantes

"The Lovers"

Los Amantes translates to “The Lovers” and it is named for an ancient Aztec legend, the Legend of Mayahuel, which describes the origins of mezcal.

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Mezcal Los Amantes is produced in the Mexican State of Oaxaca (wa-haw-kah), utilizing 100% Espiden Agave, sourced from local growers. Mezcal Los Amantes was first created in the hearts and minds of Guillermo Olguin and Ignacio Carballido. Their mutual love of mescal led to extensive research and development of an authentic, high quality mezcal, reminiscent of the spirit they enjoyed growing up in Mexico.

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100% Agave

To craft this fine spirit, they employed the traditional methods of pot distillation, stone tahona (stone used for crushing the agave), and wooden tank fermentation. Their commitment and dedication to quality and tradition have earned Mezcal Los Amantes the COMERCAM certification, accrediting the mezcal is produced by traditional methods from 100% agave.