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Producer description

Bodegas Williams & Humbert founded in 1877 by brothers-in-law Sir Andrew Williams and Arthur Humbert has been considered one of the world's most prestigious wine and spirits producers for more than 140 years. Located in Jerez de la Frontera, in the heart of sherry production, with vineyards spanning more than 1200 acres. Bodegas Williams & Humbert has utilized the solera system of aging, not only their sherries, but also in aging one of the oldest and most refined Brandy de Jerez lines, Gran Duque D'Alba .

About Gran Duque D’Alba


Gran Duque D'Alba is named for Fernando Alvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, the Grand Duke of Alba. First bottled in 1945, Gran Duque D'Alba is made from juice of Palomino and Airen grapes that are fermented and then distilled in pot stills. After distillation the spirit is aged utilizing the traditional solera method creating three marques.


Gran Duque D'Alba Gran Reserva, aged 12 years by Solera, may be the most notable in the line and also serves as the base for the additional two marques.

Gran Duque D'Alba XO is a combination of the oldest brandy, as well as the Gran Reserva aged for 18 years.

Gran Duque D'Alba Oro is the oldest of the brandy aged by Solera method at 25 years.