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Grape Varieties100% Merlot
AppellationTerre di Chieti IGT
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DescriptionThe Citra family of stylishly-created Italian wines, widely admired for its enduring high quality and exceptional value, represents a reliable source of versatile, food-friendly varietal wines. As the single most important producer in Italy's picturesque coastal Abruzzi region and a leading Italian brand across America, Citra has built a reputation as a trusted producer of well-made, authentic Italian wines. The winemaking firm of Citra came into being in 1973 when 3,000 small growers scattered throughout the Abruzzi opted to band together to form a single wine cooperative. What they all shared in common was a commitment to win the national and international recognition they felt the wines of their region deserved. The fortitude, resourcefulness and conviction of the quality-minded Abruzzi growers who form Citra continue to make the Abruzzi winery a model of its kind.
VinificationHand-picked grapes are vinified employing traditional methods and macerated for 15 days at a temperature of 77°F.
ColorVibrant ruby red
NoseIntense fruit aromas with a pronounced violet notes.
PalatePleasantly tannic, with round fruit flavors leading into a smooth finish.
AnalysisAlcohol: 13 %
Bottle size
750 ml, 1.5 L
Serving SuggestionsExcellent with flavorful pasta dishes, risottos, roasts and spicy fare. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled.