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Citra came into being in 1973 when 3,000 small growers scattered throughout the Abruzzi, opted to band together to form a single wine cooperative.

About Citra


They all shared the desire to win recognition they felt the wines of their region deserved, and they dedicated themselves to accomplishing this goal.

Citra Vineyard

As part of their commitment the growers delved built an impressively modern winery near the town of Ortona. Attracted to its first-rate facilities and the democratic goodwill on which Citra was founded, other local growers were swift to join. The fortitude, resourcefulness and conviction of the growers who form Citra continue to make this Abruzzi cooperative a model of its kind.

The fortitude, resourcefulness and conviction of the quality-minded Abruzzi growers who form Citra continue to make the Abruzzi winery a model of its kind.
Citra Birds Eye About the Winery

Based in Abruzzi

Today, as the Abruzzi region's most important wine producer, Citra has earned an international reputation for, well-made, affordably priced wines. Citra has drawn praise from of some of America's most discerning wine pundits, including Wine Spectator who named Citra one of the 20 World's Finest Value Brands: delivering quality and value with almost flawless consistency vintage to vintage: supplying not only value, but distinctive flavors and styles. Citra has also been served to such prominent figures as Britain's Prince Charles.

Citra leads the Abruzzi region in the super-premium category, with its highly successful Caroso, an outstanding example of the Montepulciano grape. Produced in limited quantities, Caroso is a barrique-aged wine made entirely of Montepulciano grapes harvested in vineyards in the prime Paglieta and Pollutri districts of the Abruzzi. Caroso will develop at least five or six years further aging.