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BackgroundAt the heart of the world's favorite spirited beverages you will find Cinzano, recognized by its signature blue and red label and 250-year tradition of excellence. With classic appeal and versatile brands, Cinzano's legacy is sure to continue for generations to come. In 1757 Cinzano's two visionary brothers, Giovanni Giacomo and Carolo Stefano Cinzano, master distillers, opened a small shop in Turin where a dream soon became a reality. As their traditional Vermouth production rapidly increased, so did their reputation for exceptional quality. Cinzano is the finest tasting imported vermouth for many leading wine and spirits connoisseurs. Its proprietary herb-infused recipe has remained unchanged since 1757.
ColorPale straw
NoseSweet aromas of fresh herbs, lemon and spice.
PalateA fragrant, full-bodied flavor profile and nose, with a mild note of herbaceous finish on the palate.
AnalysisAlcohol: 15 %pH: 3.5
Serving SuggestionsServe well chilled on the rocks, with tonic or fruit juices.