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Producer description

Tequila Chamucos is a carefully hand crafted, ultra-premium tequila for connoisseurs. It is the true expression of tequila. It’s amazing purity, aroma and flavor is the result of careful small batch production.

About Tequila Chamucos


Tequila Chamucos farms its premium blue agave in Los Altos, Jalisco and has used organic farming practices since the beginning in 1995.


The agave is slow cooked in specially designed ovens under a low temperature and low pressure (cooking for 30 hours and cooling the agave for 24 hours). The juice or "agua miel" is naturally fermented with our proprietary yeast before being double distilled in specially designed stainless steel Alembic stills.

Eco Friendly - no use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers in their agave fields.


Chamucos Tequila has developed over the years with an emphasis on quality, consistency and “eco-friendly” production.
Chamucos About the Legend

"If dawn comes, we will leave"