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Producer description

Estate-bottled BOTTEGA VINAIA is the outcome of a vision by Anselmo Martini, lead winemaker.

About Bottega Vinaia

Starting in the early 1990s, Martini sought to explore the optimum potential of a handful of extraordinary vineyards in northern Italy’s Trentino region that, year after year, consistently produce the highest quality grapes. This select group of family-farmed vineyards is the source of Bottega Vinaia, an exceptional line of artisan wines that reflect the authentic qualities of the Trentino terroir.

Bottega Vinaia Vineyard

Thanks to Martini’s passion and tireless drive, Bottega Vinaia has swiftly joined the ranks of Italy’s top-notch premium wine producers.

Authentic, indigenous varietals that reflect the true character of the region.
Bottega Vinaia

Dimension and passion to the tasting experience

“From selection and planting of the vineyards to cultivation and vinification of the grapes, our main focus is on enabling the wine to accurately express the soil from which it originates. We aim to allow the terroir to resonate in the glass, adding dimension and passion to the tasting experience.”


--Anselmo Martini