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Producer description

Bottega Liqueurs, produced by Bottega SpA, represent a line of classic Italian liqueurs created with authentic artistry, and a combination of ingenuity, modern techniques, and enviornmental consciousness. The family owned and operated distillery was originally founded by Aldo Bottega in 1977. Bottega Wineries and Bottega SpA are currently led by Aldo's three children; Sandro, Stefano, and Barbara. 

About Bottega Liqueurs


Located in the heart of the northern Italian region of Veneto in what has become known as the home of Prosecco and Grappa, Bottega SpA has been producing exceptional, award-winning grappas and grappa based spirits for more than 40 years. 

Bottega Liquers

Produced in a green and sustainable method, Bottega Liqueurs are fresh, light, and aromatic. The line includes a Limoncino, Gianduia (jean-du-yah), and Sambuca. 

Bottega SpA has initiated several “green” programs that include organic farming, recycling, the use of eco-friendly packaging and use of biomass-generated thermal energy.
Bottega Liquers