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Producer description

Die Weinmacher Niederkirchen is a highly-respected cooperative with a 110+ year history of successful viticulture in the Pfalz. Their close network of over 400 grape growers strive for a sustainable, healthy wine-growing environment. Die Weinmacher controls all stages of production and works with only sustainable wine growers.

About Blue Fish


Blue Fish Vineyard

Initiatives include: Reducing the use of fertilizers to protect ground water; Conserving natural resources by not irrigating; Reducing spraying over vineyards. They utilize pheromone output instead, which is safe for the helpful animals and insects but keeps pests at bay; Not using GMOs (genetically modified organisms) at any stage of production in the vineyards or wine cellars.

Originating in the Pfalz region of Germany, these wines are produced in the most fertile area of the country – in a micro-climate that allows for lush qualities and enhanced flavors.
Blue Fish Vineyard in snow About the Winery

Premium Grapes

Only premium grapes go into Blue Fish, ensuring that the quality remains consistent from year to year, while also bringing the best value possible to consumers.

Blue Fish wines are presented in an eye-catching azure blue bottle decorated with colorful labels featuring the distinctive Blue Fish logo. Our signature Rieslings (Original Dry and Sweet) offer consumers an approachable and memorable range of wines.