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Bastille 1789 Whisky
Bastille 1789
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    The 2014 International Review of Spirits June 2014
BackgroundBastille 1789 is a luxury whisky hand-crafted in France. This revolutionary spirit is produced from barley and wheat grown in northeast France. The water used during production is naturally filtered through limestone ensuring incredible purity. Bastille 1789's innovative distillation process combines traditional and cutting-edge techniques to express the natural characteristics of the terroir, water and malt. Its delicate aromas and smooth profile make Bastille 1789 the perfect ingredient in traditional and modern cocktails. Country France, Cognac, Angoulme.
ColorBright Amber
NoseOrange, marmalade, dried apricots, spiced cake, pineapple blossoms.
PalateVery smooth, with notes of vanilla, toffee, rich fruit and spices. Complex and flavorful, yet delicate.
AnalysisAlcohol: 40 %
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The French Manhattan