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Producer description

Au Contaire's mission is to showcase Sonoma County at its best with its Russian River Valley Chardonnays that express the purity of the terroir and exemplary Pinot Noir from top cool climate Sonoma AVAs that produce wine with concetnrated fruit flavors and elegant tannins.

About Au Contraire

The charming French expression, Au Contraire, was often used by the beloved founder of Palm Bay International, David Taub, usually preceding an insight that took a turn from conventional wisdom. His son, President & CEO Marc Taub, fitting adopted his father's favorite saying to dedicate this brand to him to honor his 50+ years in the business and his passion, vision, and leadership.

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Founder David Taub & son Marc Taub, CEO.

A uniquely expressive interpretation of Sonoma.


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About the Winery

Based in Sonoma

Committed to the highest quality and integrity of farming practices and community values, Au Contraire wines hail from vineyards that implement Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing Practices.