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Current initiatives & achievements include

  • Sustainable Farming
  • Carbon Footprint Management
  • Pesticide-Free
Sustainable Farming
Proactive Sustainable Farming

Rather than using chemicals, Vollereaux mechanically weeds the vineyards while letting grass grow within the vine rows. Additionally, the use of seaweed-based fertilizers act as a natural stimulant, enabling better photosynthesis and decreasing disease, leading to stronger vines.

Carbon Footprint Management
Efforts to Reduce Overall Carbon Footprint

Vollereaux reduces their overall carbon footprint by using lighter glass, recyclable packaging and limting cardboard in their shipping cartons.

Limiting Pesticides

Vollereaux limits its use of pesticides by hanging small diffusers to prevent insect mating and egg laying on the vines. This is also called the "sexual confusion" method.