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Originating in the Pfalz region of Germany, Blue Fish is produced in the most fertile area of the country – a micro-climate that allows for a long, sunny growing season resulting in high quality fruit and depth of flavor. Die Weinmacher Niederkirchen, a highly-respected cooperative with a 110+ year history of successful viticulture in the Pfalz, has a close network of 400+ grape growers who strive for a sustainable, healthy wine-growing environment. Die Weinmacher controls all stages of production and works with only sustainable wine growers to produce world-class Riesling that offers versatile, flavorful wines in an international style.

Blue Fish winegrowers make huge efforts to preserve a healthy environment, including reducing fertilization, reducing spraying and never using GMOs.

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Current initiatives & achievements include

  • Sustainable Farming
Sustainable Farming
Reducing Fertilization

Blue Fish winegrowers are part of a few sustainable initiatives, including sustaining the traditional landscape of the Pfalz region. Winegrowers have implemented complete soil analyses over the last 10 years to reduce fertilization and protect ground water. Further, Blue Fish winegrowers never use GMOs (genetically modified organisms) at any state of production in the vineyards and wine cellars.