This Is the Best-Kept Secret in Mixology Right Now

Bauchant orange liqueur is one of our most in-demand spirits, offering exceptional balance, a complex flavor profile, a unique recipe, and an absolutely unbeatable price-per-pour — especially appealing for establishments looking to trim costs and keep their cocktail pricing approachable.
Nicole Habif - Blog Author
Nicole Habif
Bottle on wood table down shot - Bauchant
Bauchant is unique in the market — a masterful blend of fine VS and VSOP Cognacs and not one, but three different natural orange variety essences.

In the world of fine French orange liqueurs, there’s a dark horse that towers over its competitive set, in all senses of the word.

Bauchant is a blend of fine Cognac and orange essence — one of the first French orange liqueurs to debut in the United States in the early 1970s. But aside from being a steady player and true original in the market, Bauchant (French for “beautiful song”) leads its category in several ways.

It’s Got Pedigree

Long considered one of the great Cognac houses, Maison Roullet-Fransac has been crafting their signature spirits since 1838. Their homebase is in the heart of the region’s historic district in a stately mansion that dates to 1760 (not far from François the First’s castle).

Known in particular for their rigorous selection of eaux-de-vie from the greatest crus of the Cognac appellation, Grande Champagne and Petite, Roullet-Fransac works only in small batches to guarantee superior quality.

Maison Roullet-Fransac - Bauchant

Made to a Unique Cognac Recipe

As one of the OGs of the category, Bauchant has remained unchanged since its creation over 50 years ago. It was among the first (and is still one of the only) orange liqueurs to be made in Cognac. The starting base blends precious reserves of Roullet-Fronsac’s fine VS and VSOP Cognacs with exquisite orange essences.

But where other French orange liqueurs tend to lean on just a single type of orange, Bauchant achieves an important balance between bitter and sweet by using a trio of orange varieties: Andalusian, Mandarin, and Tangerine.

Orange grove - Bauchant
Succulent Tangerines are just one of the orange varieties that give Bauchant its signature balance of sweet and bitter.

Serious Acclaim, Seriously Delicious

Orange liqueurs can often be too much (or too little) of something. Too sweet or too cloying. Not enough bite or texture to add much value to an elevated cocktail ...

But along comes Bauchant with its fresh, velvety-textured, citrus-forward flavor profile … it takes just one sip to see what we mean. Harvest-gold in color with intense characters of spice, orange blossom, juicy tangerine, and just a hint of butterscotch. It’s delicious. The perfect addition to myriad cocktails or even just sipped neat as a digestif.

The critical acclaim that’s been amassed by Bauchant is impressive. Recent kudos include a 90-point gold medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 92-point Best Buy rating from Wine Enthusiast (later landing on their Top 100 Spirits list), gold at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, and several 90+ scores/Chairman’s Trophies from The Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

When America’s foremost spirits expert, F. Paul Pacult, independently tasted it alongside the competition, he named Bauchant ($20-25), basic Grand Marnier ($30-$36), and Cointreau Noir ($55-$60) “near equals.”

“If I rated them on the 100-point scale, I’d likely rate Bauchant perhaps 2 points ahead of the Grand Marnier and Cointreau Noir,” Pacult writes, owing to the slightly more tart/bitter orange nuance of Bauchant.

An Incredible Cost-Per-Pour

Bauchant’s appealing price point is one of its most compelling attributes — especially if, like many on-premise establishments, you’re trying to trim your costs to account for the recent, notable decline in consumer beverage alcohol purchasing.

Prices vary by state of course, but consider this: The average 750ml bottle of Bauchant is $20, which works out to a cost per ounce of just $.79. Compare that to the higher end of the Cointreau Noir scale ($2.36 per ounce) or Grand Marnier ($1.38 per ounce) and it adds up. Quickly. And given the spirit’s outstanding parentage and taste appeal, there’s really not much more we could add in the “Pros” column here. But keep reading. We like to overdeliver.

Packaging that Stands Tall

Sealed under cork, Bauchant’s tall, elegant bottle cuts an eye-catching figure on any shelf, on- or off-premise, or on a home bar cart. The slim, embossed glass is designed to be easily gripped and poured on a busy night while slipping easily into and out of any well. (Also, it’s available in equally convenient 1L bottles.)

Bauchant's complexity gives margaritas (like our Le Marg, also starring Tequila Bribón) a beautiful note of bittersweet orange.

It’s a Versatile Team Player

Bauchant goes with a lot. We’re currently loving it in our Le Marg house margarita (also featuring Tequila Bribón) and The Cosmopolite, a wine-spiked riff on the traditional Cosmopolitan. But beyond mixing well with others behind the bar, Bauchant is also quite at home in the kitchen as an ingredient in chocolate mousse, Crêpes Suzette, and decadent cakes.

So if you’re managing beverage alcohol orders for a restaurant … maybe spring for an extra case for your kitchen staff to play with, too.

And do it soon — a spirit this good isn’t destined to be a “best-kept secret” for long.

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