Palm Bay International Reveals New Look

We are entering a new era with the unification of Palm Bay International and Taub Family Selections. In tandem, we’ve launched a striking update to our collective visual identity — a fresh, modern look that’s also a nod to our decades-long history.
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Palm Bay International 2024 Logo Reveal

It’s the start of an exciting new era for the Palm Bay International family.

In a significant move that honors nearly 50 years of leadership in the imported beverage alcohol space and streamlines our corporate identity, our President and CEO Marc Taub has brought together the Palm Bay International and Taub Family Selections operations, along with our shared business infrastructure, to coexist under the single heritage name of Palm Bay International. Taub Family Selections will operate within this structure as a specialized division, signifying a unified brand presence for our organization that will continue to champion the unique, intrinsic value of each of our producer partners.

Capping off this milestone, we’ve launched a whole new visual identity — an energized, modern appearance that pays homage to our strong history and signals our forward trajectory with ever-greater momentum. 

Behind Our Visual Identity

Design is the ultimate tool for expression. And with these newly sleek lines, rich jewel tones, and fresh energy, we are aiming to capture everything that has built who we are, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for the generations to come.

We’ve embraced two unique (but complementary) looks, anchored by our newly designed, art deco-inspired logomark. For our wine portfolio, we chose a look with brightness and an airy elegance to convey innate quality and approachability. Our spirits side brings an edgy and adventurous vibe, aiming to spark curiosity and exploration.

Palm Bay’s new era also arrives with a reinvigorated presence on our social media channels featuring curated content that aims to inform, inspire, lead thoughtful discussion, and amplify our incredible partners.

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