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Bee Helpful Program

Honey bee colonies are in jeopardy due to a mysterious disease called Colony Collapse Disorder.

We rely on bees to pollinate more than 90% of flowering crops including grapes as well as many other essential fruits and vegetables.

Our Bee Helpful Program donates a portion of the proceeds from every retail sale of Jean-Luc Colombo Les Abeilles (“the bees”) Côtes du Rhône Rouge or Blanc to UC Davis Department of Entomology for research to help restore healthy bee colonies. Please join the Colombo family, along with Taub Family Selections, in their quest to save the honey bees. As of August 2021, $55,000 has been donated for this program.


(Far Left) Laure Colombo keeping “les abeilles” (bees) at the Colombo family home in Cornas. Honey Bee Haven at UC Davis, where a plaque is donated to the memory of David S. Taub, founder of Palm Bay International and the creator of the Bee Helpful program

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